The Boat

Our charter vessel, ‘O’fishal Business’ is a Nitro Z7, imported from America.  These tournament-level boats are the pinnacle of high speed fishing platforms, specifically designed for sport-fishing.

‘O’fishal Business’ – We take getting there very seriously

Primarily designed as a spacious American Bass tournament fishing platform, the Nitro Z7 is ideally suited to Barra fishing on Lake Proserpine.   Spacious, stable and comfortable – combining safety, function and style.

The ideal casting platform

Powered by a Mercury 200HP Verado engine, the breathtaking performance minimises travel time between spots, maximising your fishing time and opportunities.  Top speed with current setup is a touch over 100km/h.

‘O’fishal Business’ is an intrinsic part of the Lake Proserpine Fishing Charters experience, and an ideal vessel to chase your Holy Grail Metre Plus Barramundi.

Its all about fishing.

The perfect platform for battle

The Rig

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 7.04.24 PM.png
The Ultimate Rig